Informative Writing

This section focuses on informative writing, or professional writing with a technical nature. To view an artifact, simply click the image next to its corresponding explanation. The content will open in a new window.


These are instructions created collaboratively for Creating these instructions required my parnter and I to first figure out how to use the features of the site, then write them in easy-to-understand language. We then created the graphics shown to illustrate how to follow the instructions. To do this, we took screen captures of the website and then used Photoshop to edit them, pointing to the specific part of the screen where a user would need to look. Finally, we conducted a usability test on the instructions to ensure their effectiveness.





Proposal: Plastic Bag Alternatives

This proposal was created individually for the Office of Engery and Sustainability at Eastern Illinois University. I designed a project to limit the amount of plastic wasted on campus. The proposal includes rationale for the project, steps for the project, financial considerations, and a timeline in the form of a Gantt chart.





Public Service Announcement: EIU Health Education Resource Center

This individually-created PSA advertises the benefits of the Nutritional Analysis Program offered by Eastern Illinois University's Health Education Resource Center (HERC). I researched the program on the HERC's website, then created a 30-second long speech to be recorded and used on the EIU radio station.





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