This section focuses on my personal favorites of my projects: my posters and images. These documents allowed me to synthesize my writing skills with my love of design and working with images. I have created three clean, neat posters which illustrate my ability to blend functionality with aesthetically-pleasing images.

To view, click on the image. The image will launch in a new tab. These are high-quality images, so they may take a moment to load. Your patience is appreciated!

Childhood Vaccination Poster

This poster was created collaboratively for the Coles County Health Department. I researched the information on the poster, referring to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for accurate and unbiased information. I then found a Creative Commons-licensed image of a child looking inquisitively into the distance. In the empty space in the photo, I inserted translucent text boxes with the information I researched. I then added a QR code which links directly to the CDC page where I found the information so interested readers could learn more. The original poster displays 20 inches by 30 inches.



Child Abuse Prevention Month Poster

This collaboratively-created poster was created for the Coles County Health Department to raise awareness about National Child Abuse Prevention Month. Since the campaign uses pinwheels to spread awareness, my team and I found a vibrant picture of a pinwheel to draw the viewer's eye. We then used Photoshop to add translucent text areas complete with short sentences explaining the purpose of the poster. The original poster displays 11 inches by 17 inches.



Reducing Water Consumption in Residence Halls Poster

This individually-created poster was part of a larger group project for the Eastern Illinois University's Office of Energy and Sustainability. The campaign sought to reduce water usage in two of the residence halls (Andrews Hall and Thomas Hall) by 10% during a two week timeframe. Students surveyed indicated that information regarding potential water waste would be the best way to convince them to change their habits. I researched facts about water usage on the Environmental Protection Agency's website, then included those facts in the middle of the poster. At the top of the poster I included a statistic about water usage indicated on the survey about each residence hall. Finally, I added the slogan of our campaign ("turn it off") to the bottom of the poster to create continuity with the other posters in the series (created by a different group member).

Meg's Riding Academy Logo

This logo was commissioned by the owner of Meg's Riding Academy. The parameters were to create a logo with a horse in English tack jumping over a horse in Western tack to showcase both disciplines taught at the Academy. Additionally, she wanted to have "Meg's Riding Academy" displayed in arched text over the horses, with the name of the farm in straight text below. To create this logo, I used photos of horses taken by the owner of the Academy and removed the backgrounds, smoothed the edges of the horses, and turned them into silhouettes. I then added the text and text decoration to the image after carefully positioning each of the horses to ensure a cohesive design.
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