Writing with Eye Appeal

If you have ever been tormented by a blinking cursor prompting you to add text you just couldn't think of, I can solve that problem. I am a professional and technical writer, an editor, and a design enthusiast. My goal is to combine these skills into clear, functional, and beautiful documents for you.

My site contains examples of my work divided into three categories. In the informative writing section, I showcase written works that demonstrate my ability to write for conveying information. This includes a set of instructions, a proposal, and a public service announcement. In the editing section, I display my abilities as a competent editor through projects by displaying an example page from the original side-by-side with my edited version. I note the edits I did, from copyediting to comprehensive editing to editing for design. In the design section, I showcase my personal favorite projects, which allow me to combine my love of graphics with my skills as a writer. These include three posters.

If my skills and your needs align, I also have a contact page. Also listed on the page is my résumé for those interested. If at any point you want to return to where it all began, click home in the navigation bar to return to this page.

I also have experience in several non-writing areas. I am self-taught in HTML and CSS. I have some exposure to Dreamweaver, though I prefer to do everything from scratch. I have ample experience working in Photoshop, which introduced me to my love of all things eye-catching.

I graduated from the Pine Honors College at Eastern Illinois University in December of 2015 with a BA in English and a minor in German.

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